Filmbank is an award-winning film and television finance and production company with offices in New York and Los Angeles. Through a demonstrated history of success, Filmbank has acquired the rights to adapt some of the greatest stories of all time into brand new tv and film projects - including classic movies, video games, graphic novels, and the life rights of notoriously private public icons.


Our Services

Our team has won a Writers Guild Award, lots of Emmys, and other things too.

- Scripted film and television production services
- Scripted film and television post production services
- Documentary/alternative production services
- Documentary/alternative post production services
- Creative consultation

- Financial consultation


"Trust us, we ain't no accidental heroes."


"We know someone that might be interested."




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Filmbank Entertainment has made publicly available its strict policy that neither it nor any of its agents or other employees shall accept or consider any unsolicited ideas, scripts or intellectual property of any nature whatsoever ("Unsolicited Materials"). Accordingly, do not submit any Unsolicited Materials to Filmbank Entertainment via any means (including, without limitation, via phone, mail, fax, e-mail, text message, or social media). Should you nevertheless contravene this express prohibition by sending Unsolicited Materials to Filmbank, please be advised that the Unsolicited Materials will not be considered by anyone at Filmbank Entertainment and they will be returned to you or destroyed at Filmbank's discretion. Unsolicited Materials will not be forwarded to or discussed with any third parties and you hereby expressly waive, release and discharge any responsibility or liability on Filmbank Entertainment's part with respect to any submissions you make in contravention of this policy.


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